A High Class Call Girl Finds a Higher Calling

Annie Lobert wanted to be a star. But when she made it to Las Vegas, her dream turned into a nightmare.

Annie Lobert grew up in a Christian home in Minnesota.  “There were lots of rules and legalism in our church,” she says Annie.  “I became rebellious.”

She was promiscuous as a teenager, drank a lot and slept with many guys.  “I was in total denial of why I was doing what I was doing,” says Annie.  “But I was just really honestly searching for love.”

She was struggling with a low self-image and self-confidence.  In Vegas, Annie was introduced to prostitution through her good friend.  Several months later, she started dating a guy who became her pimp.  “I fell in love with him and didn’t know at the time that he was a pimp,” she says.  He was her pimp for five years.  She eventually left because he started severely abusing her mentally and physically.

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