Police officer adopts homeless mother’s drug-addicted newborn baby

“I felt God telling me, tell her that you will do it…”

Police officers will often tell you there’s no such thing as a routine call when you’re patrolling the streets.

But when Albuquerque police officer Ryan Holets responded to a possible theft at a nearby convenience store, it had all the hallmarks of a mundane assignment he could quickly clear from the call log.
It didn’t turn out that way.
As Ryan left the convenience store on September 23, he noticed out of the corner of his eye a couple sitting on the grass against a cement wall. It appeared the man and woman were shooting up heroin in broad daylight behind the convenience store.
Ryan turned on his body camera and approached the couple but he wasn’t prepared for what he saw. The woman was in the middle of injecting a needle into her companion’s arm. Then he noticed the woman was pregnant.
Police Officer: “I felt God telling me, tell her that you will do it…”

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