Joseph Prince – God’s Favor Will Cause You To Reign In Life

Does God want you to reign in life. Some may suggest not and He has called us to humble living. For some humility is associated with poverty and lack. Sure poverty and lack can make a proud person humble, but poverty and lack does not directly means humility. A believer in Christ can live a victorious life and still be humble. In fact God wants us to reign in our life. Reign over circumstances that stand against us. Reign over sickness, poverty, any form of curse. Paul says we are seated with Christ in the heavenly realm (Ephesians 2:6). In Christ we are raised to be seated with Him in authority, He wants us to execute the authority that He has given us over the situations in our life. We are not to reign over people, but reign over any every circumstance in life. Live a victorious Life in Christ.

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Ravi Zacharias – Faith in the Twenty First Century

Here is a presentation by Ravi Zacharias on ‘Faith in the Twenty First Century’. Faith may-be under attack in this century, but Truth will always prevail. No gates of hell can stand against the Church of Jesus Christ. We as Christians are here on this earth as ambassadors of Christ, to implement the will of God. His kingdom here as it is in Heaven. In His kingdom there is no sickness, poverty or depression, we are here to make sure that people are drawn to His love, salvation and freed from sickness, poverty, depression and any form of oppression from the darkness. Our Faith in Christ can overcome anything that comes against us in this world.

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The Holy Spirit Is In You – Bill Johnson

Bill Johnson talks about the Holy Spirit dwelling in you. Paul said all those you are led by the Spirit of God are the Sons of God. It is His desire that we as His children are led by His Spirit in every step of our path. We as children of the Most High are called to walk with Him in a personal relationship. Hearing from Him all the time and doing it. Just as Jesus said, I do what I hear from my Father. That’s the normal life of a believer, living in constant connection with Him and exploring the Supernatural. Its indeed an adventurous life with Him

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