Finding Faith in Facing Loss

Loss and suffering is part of this fallen world. When Adam decided to go independent of God just by relying on his own ability to choose between good and evil, he disconnected himself from the source of life and fell into sin. The result is fear, suffering, loss and death. Jesus came to redeem us from this death. But at times we do go through loss and suffering in our journey because that translates into a greater glory. He does not leave us alone as we go through it but strengthens us and enables us with His Joy. He also helps us to find who our Father is. It develops our invisible arm of Faith, which would not have developed any other way. Everything works out for good.

Here is a story of one family who found joy and faith in midst of loss and sorrow.

Machine Gun Preacher’s Wife’s journey from Drugs to Jesus

Before she was the “Machine Gun Preacher’s wife”, Lynn lived a life full of stripping, drugs and partying until she found herself facing prison time. She decided to make a deal with God and her life was never the same. This is a story of how committing one’s life to Christ can bring about an eternal transformation. Small decision we make for Christ in our life has eternal impact. As we yield to the Spirit of God and respond to the invitation of Salvation in Christ, our Father from Heaven gets personally involved and takes us on a journey to eternal transformation. He declares us Righteous making us worthy of His family and Kingdom. Our part is just to say Yes to Him and agree to walk with Him and He does the rest through His indwelling Spirit in us.

A Women’s Experience with Spirit Guides

As a young girl, Jessica’s mother raised her to believe in Jesus. Her father was an alcoholic, and Jessica often turned to God for comfort and security.
“I loved the idea that God was my father in heaven,” said Jessica. “And He fulfilled any of the inadequacies of my real father.”

Today, she warns of the dangers of the occult through her website “Truth Behind Yoga” and her book, “The Shattering”.  She says that the truth she was searching for can only be found in one place.”
“The peace that Jesus gave me was this deep, true peace,” said Jessica. “It wasn’t a feeling.  It came by faith.  And that’s what I really had to realize, is that my relationship with Jesus wasn’t about a feeling. It’s about truth.  It’s about faith, even when it’s not comfortable.  It’s about trusting Him that He is God and I am not, and that He knows and submitting to that.”
She said, “He never gave up on me,  and then I could look back throughout all the years and  all of the choices that I made, and I just saw his patience and how His hand was always protecting me. He knew how to bring me back, and He did.”

John Ramirez – Ex Satan Worshipper – Testimony

The false religion Santeria defined John Ramirez, but after years of evil Jesus offered him a new identity.

John Ramirez grew up in the Bronx, where his relatives practiced Santeria. “My father’s side came from a family of witches and warlocks,” says John. “My father was very heavy into Santeria, very heavy into Spiritualism.”

John’s mother was also influenced by Santeria. At his aunt’s suggestion, she took John to a tarot card reading. “The lady said in her cards I had thirty days to do a ceremony or I would be blind. So my mother, as a good mother, didn’t want anything to happen to her son, so we did it. They blindfolded me; they did a bath for me with herbs and they started chanting and calling their five main god/demons from Santeria.”
From that moment, John’s life changed. “My whole personality, everything who I stood for as a young boy was no longer there. I felt like someone took a black blanket and just put it right over me – spiritually. I was answering not only to my mom and my dad, but I was answering to the demons,” John recalls.

John longed for a relationship with his dad, but his father was abusive. “There was no love; there was no compassion. We watched him beat my mother in the house. He came in drunk most of the time–demanding stuff, asking for stuff. If things weren’t done a certain way it was always put down, hurtful words: ‘Dummy!  Stupid!  You’re going to amount to nothing.’ That kind of stuff,” John recalls. “I would just stand by the door and look and see what he was up to because I was looking to see if there was time for me just to have interaction. Hey, my dad and I did something. But he was connected to the demons; he was connected to Spiritualism.”