Jennifer Fulwiler: Scientific Atheism to Christ

Jennifer Fulwiler gives her testimony about her conversion from atheism to Christianity. Fulwiler grew up in an environment where scientific materialism and naturalism was her way of life. However, after much scrutiny and intellectual searching she was convinced of the truth claims of Christianity and converted.

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The Truth Saves NFL Player from Gang Life

NFL wide receiver Jason Avant’s underprivileged childhood couldn’t stop God’s plan for his life.

Avant is a Christian. Avant has spoken about his faith saying “I devoted my life to Jesus Christ on May 4, 2003. It was a day when, if you can imagine it, your eyes are opened to a whole different light. On that day, I had a consciousness of God that I never really had before. It’s sort of like being in darkness, but you finally start to see. I realized that day that all of the stuff that I learned growing up was backwards, according to the Scripture. It was the day that changed my life. I started realizing that I had a purpose, and every thought from that day on went through a filter of Jesus Christ first. Before I can make a decision I have to think, ʻWould it be pleasing to God?’

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Engaging Islam: Testimony by Nabeel Qureshi

This video is a sermon by Nabeel Qureshi in which he provides some quick teachings on Islam and an explanation of the Gospel in the context of his testimony. Also he explains how he was led to Christ by his persistent Friend who did not give up on sharing and defending the Gospel. Nice and interesting.

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