Inspired Quotes: Belief is More of Action than Ideas

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Belief is more about actions than your ideas

Belief is more about your Actions than your Ideas.

If you really believe in Him, you will keep His commands. The Bible also says Faith without Action is dead. Sure we are not saved by our action or deeds, but our living Faith produces good actions, it bears out from our inner change by our Faith and Belief.


Jennifer Fulwiler: Scientific Atheism to Christ

Jennifer Fulwiler gives her testimony about her conversion from atheism to Christianity. Fulwiler grew up in an environment where scientific materialism and naturalism was her way of life. However, after much scrutiny and intellectual searching she was convinced of the truth claims of Christianity and converted.

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The Holy Spirit Is In You – Bill Johnson

Bill Johnson talks about the Holy Spirit dwelling in you. Paul said all those you are led by the Spirit of God are the Sons of God. It is His desire that we as His children are led by His Spirit in every step of our path. We as children of the Most High are called to walk with Him in a personal relationship. Hearing from Him all the time and doing it. Just as Jesus said, I do what I hear from my Father. That’s the normal life of a believer, living in constant connection with Him and exploring the Supernatural. Its indeed an adventurous life with Him

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